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Stand with Ukraine: Aid to Polish Charitable Organizations Providing Relief to Ukrainian Refugees

By March 4, 2022November 16th, 2022One Comment3 min read

Dear Friends,

As you undoubtedly know, over the past few days, hundreds of thousands of refugees from Ukraine have escaped the horrors of the Russian invasion by coming to Poland. In response, the Polish Government and the Polish people have welcomed these refugees with open arms, giving them food, shelter, clothing, and a safe haven. As of today, nearly 750,000 refugees have crossed into Poland and that number is expected to exceed 2 million in just the next few weeks.

Many, many Polish families are taking refugees into their homes. The welcome which Poland have given these Ukrainian refugees has truly impressed the world! At the same time, Poland’s kindness will strain resources, supplies, and money. For that reason, I am appealing to you to consider making a donation to aid the Polish charitable organizations leading the effort, which are specifically recommended by the Polish Government for this purpose:

Polskie Centrum Pomocy Międzynarodowej (PCPM) – (info in English)
Polska Akcja Humanitarna (PAH) – (info in English)
Caritas Polska –
Fundacja Ocalenie – (info in English)
Polski Czerwony Krzyż (PCK) – (info also in English)
Polska Misja Medyczna / Polish Medical Mission – (info in English)

You can make a contribution directly to one of these charitable organizations through their website. Alternatively, to simplify the process, the Polish Mission at Orchard Lake Schools has set up a special Ukrainian Relief Fund, which can be found at this link, from which you can make a donation by credit card. Or you can send a check payable to the Polish Mission and write “Ukrainian Relief Fund” on the check memo line. All donations made to the Polish Mission – Ukrainian Relief Fund are tax-deductible charitable contributions and will be sent these five charities.

I have been asked by many people why has Poland been so generous and welcoming to these Ukrainian refugees? And why has the Polish Government led the way in calling for sanctions against Russia? The answer is simple. We Poles understand, probably better than anyone, what it means to be attacked for no just cause by a neighboring power, especially Russia. And we Poles understand what it is like to have to fight and resist a belligerent invader – alone – as the invader tries to take our land, tries to destroy our culture, and tries to nullify our nation. Poland is now showing the world that, in contrast to its own tragic experiences, no nation should have to fight such evil aggression alone; if we do not stand in solidarity with the Ukrainian people, we might be the next victims.

Let us also keep Ukraine and the Ukrainian people, and Poland and the Polish people who are helping them, in our thoughts and prayers.

Richard A. Walawender
Honorary Consul

Consulate of the Republic of Poland in Detroit
150 West Jefferson, Suite 2500
Detroit, Michigan 48226 (USA)
T +1.313.496.7600

One Comment

  • William Bruce Barnard says:

    I have a vacation home in new Smyrna beach Florida. I can possibly donate to house up to eight people from Ukraine for up to a maximum of one year. If they can find a way to get here.
    William Bruce Barnard