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With Mrs. Henrietta Nowakowski and Andrzej Miłosz (camera), we visited the graves of Blue Army Veterans at the Holy Sepulcher Cemetery in Southfield, Michigan.
It took 15 years from Mrs. Nowakowski’s idea to honoring the nameless graves of Gen. Haller’s Soldiers (volunteers from Michigan) of the First World War to fulfill her intention!
Mrs. Henrietta once again emphasized that it was thanks to the quick initiative of Arkadiusz Górecki, the former director of the Polish Mission. He initiated meetings and agreements with Poland’s Institute of National Remembrance (IPN). Fr. Mirosław Król, the former chancellor of Orchard Lake Schools, convinced the cemetery to allow one-meter-tall crosses. The cemetery initially wanted flat stones. They both deserve enormous credit and our gratitude.
Sixty new tombstones are a gift from Poland’s Institute of National Remembrance.
On June 17, a ceremony at the cemetery with the participation of representatives of the Institute of National Remembrance is planned.

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