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Annual Szopka Competition – 2022

By December 19, 2022December 28th, 2022No Comments1 min read

The Friends of Polish Art held their Annual Szopka Competition. The competition winners were announced during Wigilia dinner on December 17, 2022. Brian Malski and Iwona Jedrzejczak presented the winners:

1st place: Carolyn Meleski

2nd place: Jan Mordenski

Jan Mordenski wrote the poem about Szopka, first time it was published in SPIRIT magazine in 1983.

During Wigilia’s event, Jan read her poem:

At Christmas,
a cardboard cathedral:
three-spired, wired
with tiny lights for effect.
Gilded, glazed,
exoteric suspect, it’s gaudy
but we know its secret
One year
Uncle Martin carved the figures,
colored them with

Tester paints:

bright blue eyes on Mary
and her man,
tomato-cheeked angels,
and swarthy slightly
leaning kings,
animals and shepherds,
all from some unwritten
storybook land.
Jesus was born in a stable
and we put him in a
reverently unrealistic.
We lie a little bit,
my Aunt Cesia says,
but so long as they’re good
lies, what’s the harm?
we always
knew God
deserved better.

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