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The St. John Paul II Liturgical Center of the Orchard Lake Schools cordially invites you to this year’s Christmas Eve “Wigilia” Dinner

By December 3, 2022December 11th, 2022No Comments1 min read

Consistent with the previous tradition, the St. John Paul II Liturgical Center of the Orchard Lake Schools, is hosting a Christmas Eve “Wigilia” Dinner at the Orchard Lake Schools on December 10th as described more fully in the accompanying flyer. The Filarets choir starts the evening at 4.30 PM with Christmas Carols at the Archdiocesan Shrine of St. John Paul II. Holy Mass will be celebrated immediately after the performance, at 5:00 PM, by Fr. Bernard Witek. The Christmas Eve “Wigilia” dinner will begin right after the Holy Mass, at 6 PM, in the School Dining Hall. Christmas caroling will commence after dinner, led by the Filarets choir.

All are invited.

Seating is limited. Reservation and payment must be made by December 1st. The cost is $50 per person. Please send your check to the following address: Orchard Lake Schools; Attn: Margaret Wozny; 3535 Commerce Rd .; Orchard Lake, MI 48324. On the check memo line, please write “Wigilia.” If you wish to pay by credit card, please call Mrs. Wozny at (248) 392-9279.
Any minimal income will be donated to the St. John Paul Liturgical Center.

We hope to see you at the “Wigilia” on December 10th.

Fr. Bernard Witek, Director of the St. John Paul Liturgical Center
Joseph Majcher, Regent