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Publisher’s Note

By December 1, 2012November 12th, 2022No Comments2 min read

Christmas Greetings and Advertising Due by Friday December 7, 2012

The Tygodnik Polski will publish its Christmas Issue on Wednesday December 12, 2012.

It is necessary for us to receive your Christmas Greetings and Advertising by

Friday December 7, 2012.

Please remember that we will have special discounted rates for the special Christmas Issue. This is our gift to you because we know how important this time of the year for you. Because our Christmas issue has been strategically timed to come out at just the right time you can be assured that Tygodnik Polski will be in the homes of our readers in plenty of time for them to appreciate your message and to support your churches, organization and business during this holiday season.

If you need a little help in preparing the greeting we are here to help you.

To Our Readers: Please Support the Organizations and Businesses Who Advertise With Tygodnik Polski

Dear Reader, during this Christmas and New Year’s time of the year many Polonian organizations and businesses have festivities and other activities which help to celebrate the holidays in a very special way.

When you support those who send Christmas Greetings and Advertising to be placed in Tygodnik Polski you help to support Polish culture and a way of life that without you will slowly disappear. You are the ones who make Tygodnik Polski and all of the other churches,  organizations and businesses in Polonia possible and viable.

There are many organizations and activities in Polonia that are always looking for new members.

They will welcome you with open arms and you in turn will have the opportunity to share in our wonderful Polish culture and lifestyle.

To Our Readers: How About Sending a Personal Christmas Greeting?

While most our Christmas Greetings are from churches, organizations and businesses, we do have some that are from individuals. They are often meant as a way of sending a special greeting or thank you. If this is something that you would like to do we will be very happy to work with you to get the message out just the way you want to say it.

Can you imagine how thrilled those special groups or individuals will be to see that special message that only you can send?

Special Thanks to Our Readers. You Spoke and We Listened.

Thank you again for your input.


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