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Letter to Editor

By August 20, 2014November 12th, 2022No Comments1 min read

To the staff of the Tygodnik and the contributors/writers of the recent editorial letter related to Vietnam Veterans, my heartfelt Thank You for the sentiments expressed in your letter! As the sister of a Vietnam Vet, who went to bed for years praying for an end to that war, I applaud your correct analysis of the respect each one of those soldiers should receive. No matter what one’s politics may have been, these were young men and women who gave their all in the service of our country. Knowing the abuse they often suffered by simply wearing their uniform in public in those years, I have tried to make it a point to personally thank any military service person I encounter.

Sadly, Mr. Rozalski’s insensitive and ignorant comment on his July 5th radio program reflect his overall poor personal judgment and lack of social appropriateness that have become his hallmark on various topics and in various arenas.
It is only with an outcry by others in Polonia, in publicly correcting/strongly condemning his distorted and often blatantly pathological view points, that we can have any hope of holding him responsible for his speech and behavior.
Again, Thank you Mr. Szymanski, Mrs. Karlic, Mr. Dmuchowski, Drs. Janusz and Agnieszka Wrobel, Father Ventline, and Ms. Gronet!

Most sincerely yours, Anna (Ania) Ladak-Tymowski

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