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The new Board of Friends of Polish Art was elected during the last meeting.
 The past president, Frank Dmuchowski, is succeeded by Brain Malski.
The newly elected officers are:
Brian Malski (President)
Alina Klin (First Vice President)
Michael Ostrowski (Second Vice President)
Iwona Jędrzejczak (Treasurer)
Carol J. Surma (Financial Secretary)
Brabara lemecha (Corresponding Secretary)
Directors: Donna Bielecki , Barbara Hantz, Patty Malski, Charles Pelshaw, Stella Szczesny.
 Congratulations to all elected officers and a special welcome to new Directors: Barbara Hantz, Patty Malski, and Charles Pelshaw.

The Friends of Polish Art was established in 1937 and functions as an educational organization. It is a medium for promoting understanding and appreciation of the Arts of Poland, its people, and their descendants. These Polish Arts include both the Fine Arts and Liberal Arts.

The Friends of Polish Art is a non-profit organization under Section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code.  Friends of Polish Art is an American Council for Polish Culture member.

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